Terms and Conditions

Conditions of service.
(1) we don’t collect off-front payments from our clients for Nigeria fishes before shipments are made, apart from the freight.
(2)We expect our customers to send shipments, arrival report 24 hour after unpacking our fishes, with clear photos of dead fish, if the quantity of that particular Fish is above 5% of what was shipped.
(3)Our shipments must be paid for after 4 working days, from when you receive it
(5)we would not be responsible for any payment wrongly paid to other account, apart from the single Account given hear, if we have any reason to change our account, it would be communicated to you by phone and all other means, so, be careful.
(6)ln case of delayed or mishandling of shipments, the documents by airline, our clients must contact us before taking decision, since our money both for fish and freight are at stake.

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